The Courage to Continue

Dear You,

How’s your New Year going so far? Sometimes it feels overwhelming, doesn’t it? There’s pressure to change up everything from our skin care regimen to our workout schedule. Like I wrote last week, I love a new year because it’s a fresh start, a time to begin again. But as I pondered this whole New Years thing this last week, this thought came to me:

New Years is about the courage to continue.

(If you follow me on social media, you saw my post about this with a picture of my cute Bodey.)

In reality, we are continuing. Continuing on this path of life that each of us has been given. A new year doesn’t change the reality that we are where we are. It doesn’t change the fact that my son Bodey has muscular dystrophy or that I miss Ethan or that I want to re-do my laundry room.

But what it does offer is an opportunity to begin again. To recalibrate. Rethink. Redo. Reimagine. Reframe thoughts and ideas. Reignite passions. Recommit to practices that make us healthy and whole.

We get another chance to do it better.

But we can’t make it better if we don’t take the time to do so. This year I’ve recommitted myself to prayer and meditation. My goal is 10 minutes of silence before I start my workday. I know that doesn’t seem like much time, but it’s a place to start and realistic enough to make it a daily practice. After I’m done, I write down the words that come to my mind. In silence is where I can hear myself, feel centered and her God’s voice. It’s in the emptying that we are filled up.

This practice allows me to continue. To then go on to my work. To care for my family. To do my work. To create new things.

I’m sitting in my office surrounded by large post-it sheets on my walls. I’m working on 2019 plans for the Ethan Lindberg Foundation, my Four Hearts Shop and dreaming about some new things I want to put out into this world. I’m not reinventing the wheel. I’m actually thinking about how I can recalibrate to make more impact with fewer resources. To do more with less. To continue in a new way.

I’m continuing. I’m reworking. I’m recommitting. I’m rethinking.

This week I hope you will take some time to think about what you need to continue. Acknowledge what is painful, disappointing, and heavy in your life. Call it out and then make a plan to continue. To what do you need to recommit? To recalibrate so you can live this year well. Maybe you need to change courses to continue. Continuing is also about changing the approach so you can continue to grow into your best self.

So this week continue. Take a breath. Recommit your becoming. To your dreams. To those you love. To those you care for. Let us all continue on this journey and live well.

Sunday Love to you.