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I’m a writer, teacher and change maker.

I believe that my life, and yours, is an invitation. We are invited to become, create and make an impact through our life experiences. My life has not been all that I expected, but in the most significant challenges I’ve found the best parts of myself. My life has brought so many twists and turns, so many seasons, so much joy, so much heartache. Each experience has made me who I am today.

I'm a mom to four boys. My oldest son, Ethan, was born with complex congenital heart disease. Ethan was magic, an old soul, my teacher. He died when he was seven. During his life we traveled for his medical care many, many times. We lived the last 13 months of his life 1,000 miles away from home. We came home without him. These past years of learning to live with his physical absence have been hard and beautiful. Ethan is my gateway to seeing and experiencing life in the most beautiful ways. It's because of him and his life, that I am who I am today. In his honor, we started the Ethan Lindberg Foundation to fill in gaps that families experience in the congenital heart community. 

My middle two boys, Blake and Chase, are healthy, smart and full of life. One wants to be a scientist and the other wants to play in the NBA. Yep, they are so different and yet the best of friends. They keep life "normal" and busy, and so so good. They teach me to live in the moment and to keep laughing. 

My youngest son, Bodey was born with a rare muscular dystrophy called Muscle Eye Brain Disease. He has tremendous physical and intellectual challenges. He gives so much love. He slows life down. He teaches us about all the goodness that exists in the challenges of life. In his honor we have started Hopeful Together, a non-profit organization to fund gene therapy research for his rare disease. 

Just for fun, and because I believe in the power of words to inspire, I created Four Hearts Shop. It’s a 100% charitable venture. All proceeds benefit Ethan Lindberg Foundation.

I'm married to Erik, who is my life and work partner. We do all this together. 

I love to learn about people, ideas and the world around me. I’m a perpetual student and believer that taking the time to learn about each other breaks down the barriers that keep us separate.

I have found many gifts and God’s goodness in the most difficult places in my life. I have wrestled with God and with what I believe. Personal tragedy invites us to. I’ve spent years at war with my life. Today, I am surrendered to the mystery of life and choose to spend my days helping others find gifts in their difficult spaces and purpose that can change our hurting world.


Me + Ethan

I am so thankful for the gift of Ethan. His life and his death have been my greatest joy, greatest pain and greatest teachers. He guides me still, keeps me centered and always in tune to that which I cannot see. He influences my work and writing. He is still so present to me.

PS. it was pirate day at school (hence the face paint :-)

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“We are the weak and the strong. The lover and the fighter. The calm and the hurricane. We know life isn’t always kind, but it’s undeniably good. We are the HEART STRONG.”