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Dear You,

This week I'm doing something a little different. Several people have asked me to share podcasts that I like. So, I'm doing that and I'm also sharing a TED Talk I think you should watch, and mom fashion blog I follow almost daily. If you like this little change up in the blog once in a while, I want to know!

|: Podcasts :|

No time to podcast you say? Me either, but I do it anyway. When I get to grocery shop alone, you'll find me with my earbuds in my ears (No, I don't have ear pods just yet:-) I podcast every day on the way to school pick-up. Yes, even when Bodey is screaming the entire 25 minutes to school. Which he does daily and I have learned to tune it out most days. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon in children with his diagnosis. I digress... Bottom line, I sneak it in when I can. There's so much great information available to us for free. So if you want to learn something, go for it!

I listen to several women entrepreneur podcasts. My work with the Ethan Lindberg Foundation and Four Hearts Shop keeps me busy and always looking for ways to up my game. I also love podcasts about faith and spiritual growth. Since I don't have lots of time I focus on podcasts about things I want to know more about and ideas that inspire me.

Entrepreneur / personal growth podcasts:

Jessica Honegger, Jenna Kutcher, Rachel Hollis, Lewis Howes, Brendon Burchard

Spiritual / life insight podcasts:

Super Soul Sunday, OnBeing, Richard Rohr, Rob Bell, Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons, Maria Shriver just launched a podcast called Meaningful Conversations and the first episode was great! I also enjoy Trinity Grace TriBeCa Podcast. They are a church in NYC with great insights.

I don't listen to every episode of every podcast, just the ones that pique myinterest. What podcasts do you listen to? Let me know!

|: TED Talk: Dr. Mary Neal :|

After Ethan died, I was desperate to know what happens when we die. I devoured books about near death experiences, after death communication and other spiritual experiences people had around death. One of the very first books I read was To Heaven and Back by Dr. Mary Neal.

I have to tell you this quick story. After we moved home from Boston, Blake slept with us most nights. He was only three and I'm sure trying to figure out what the heck was going on in our lives. It was probably a month after Ethan died, I was reading this book before I went to bed. I came to a part where Dr. Neal talks about experiencing heaven. She recounts that she was greeted with cheers as she entered. I finished reading and went to bed.

The next morning Blake wakes up and says, "I had a dream about Ethan". Desperate for my own dream of Ethan started asking my 3 ½ year olda bunch of questions. He just stared at me and said, "All the guys were cheering for him". And that was it. The night before I read about being cheered into Heaven, and the next morning Blake had a similar dream. That was the beginning of my deep dive into understanding life, death and God in a new way. I guarantee this video is worth 12 minutes of your time.


I love following The Mom Edit. They really comb through sales and seasonal fashion and offer great suggestions on what to wear and buy.

I've purchased several of their suggestions. It's like they distill it down to the top 5 picks and then you choose your fave. Saves time and I find pieces I wouldn't if I looked myself. Check them out!

Did you know I have two sisters? Sarah is in the middle and Katie is on the right. We have 9 boys between us!

Did you know I have two sisters? Sarah is in the middle and Katie is on the right. We have 9 boys between us!

Sunday Love to you!


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