An Open Space

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Maybe you are feeling this way today. Praying for open space, for freedom, for a deep nourishing breath. 

I'm running through a forest.
I hear the crunching of the sticks and the earth beneath my feet.
Sweat is pouring down my back and off my face. I'm breathing hard.
I feel my heart pounding. The blood coursing through my veins.
I feel alive, I feel tired.
Ahead through the dense forrest I see a light, a pin hole of light.
Another branch falls in my path. I dodge it. My heart races. When will this path end? 
When will I find open space? When will I feel the sunshine on my face?
I have become accustomed to this path. To the running, to the tired limbs.
I'm good at running this intense, exhilarating race. But oh how I long for that open space.
I long for the sun not hidden but drenching me.
I long for the air that's not damp. But that is easy to breathe.
My lungs are aching for easy breathing. When will this path open up?
I see the pin hole of light so I keep running.
Finally I run out of the forrest and I see an open field. Ahhhh.
My legs burn. They are full of scratches and scrapes. My shoes are dirty and heavy with mud. Ahhh. Open space. I've been longing for this. Praying for it. Hoping for it.
I see another forrest ahead. I know I'm good at the hard trails. But I bask in the sun.
In this goodness. In this open space. I fall to the ground.
I'm free.
I catch my breath.
I'm home. 

Teach me God about your goodness. Show me an open space. Bring breath to my lungs and energy to my being. Show me that I can hope again. That I can see goodness. That my life is not a narrative of disappointment. Not a narrative of sickness. Help me to breathe easy. Just for a bit. I'm a weary traveler. I know how to find beauty in the damp dark forrest. I've seen the gifts in the darkness. But I'm looking for gifts in the light. Show me your light. Show me the fulfillment of my hearts desires. The ones that can be realized on this earth. Bring breath to my lungs. Uphold me. See me. Let me feel your presence. Let me feel free. 

May you take that nourishing breath today. May you feel some freedom, some open space. May you feel that gentle breeze upon your face, for a moment, reminding you how loved you are.