Meet Jessica, Bridgett and Stefanie.


Jessica Lindberg

Jessica Lindberg is a national speaker, teacher, and change maker. Jessica is also an entrepreneur, founding non-profits, businesses, and creating events spaces and retreats to encourage women to grow and heal. Jessica is a visionary known for her fiery passion, big dreams, authentic approach, and love for people. Jessica's purpose is to teach people to take their greatest pain and create an impact that transforms themselves, their families, and the world for good.

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Bridgett Piacenti

Almost 20 years ago, Bridgett signed she and her best friend up for a Hatha Yoga class at her Chicago neighborhood park district so they could hang together once a week. She also yearned to fill a void that had occupied her entire young life of dance and movement training. She was “hooked”, not only physically, but more importantly mentally. At the risk of sounding cliche—a professed “type A” personality she had stumbled onto a yoga mat and into something much deeper.

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Stefanie Boyce

Stefanie Boyce is a national speaker, teacher, yoga instructor, and author of two Bible studies designed to help participants create space to be with God and have deep conversations about what they are learning. She is best known for her perspective when it comes to finding beauty in difficult circumstances. 

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