Hello. I’m glad you are here.

I'm a little bit of everything. 

My life has brought so many twists and turns, so many seasons, so much joy, so much heartache. Much like your's, I'm sure. 

So I'm lots of things. A tapestry of all that life has given me. 

I'm a mom to four boys. My oldest son, Ethan,  was born with complex congenital heart disease. Ethan was magic, an old soul, my teacher. He died when he was seven. During his life we traveled for his medical care many, many times. We lived the last 13 months of his life 1,000 miles away from home. We came home without him. These past years of learning to live with his physical absence have been hard and beautiful. Ethan is my gateway to seeing and experiencing life in the most beautiful ways. It's because of him and his life, that I am who I am today. In his honor, we started the Ethan Lindberg Foundation to fill in gaps that families experience in the congenital heart community. 

My middle two boys, Blake and Chase, are healthy, smart and full of life. One wants to be a scientist and the other wants to be in the NBA. Yep, they are so different and yet the best of friends. They keep life "normal" and busy, and so so good. They teach me to live in the moment and to keep laughing. 

My youngest son, Bodey was born with a rare muscular dystrophy called Muscle Eye Brain Disease. He has tremendous physical and intellectual challenges. He gives so much love. He's so much fun. He slows life down. He teaches us about all the goodness that exists in the challenges of life. In his honor we have started Hopeful Together, a non-profit organization to fund gene therapy research for his rare disease. 

I'm married to Erik, who is my life and work partner. We do all this together. 

I'm a writer, speaker, teacher, social entrepreneur, leader, marketer, and designer. I'm never short of an idea of what to do next. I'm a passionate doer. I'm a student and life keeps teaching. 

I create spaces, places and processes that bring healing. Especially to those who face the pain that life too often brings. I'm passionate about creating things that make a difference. There's nothing worse than siting around a table talking in circles. Life is too short. 

I believe that the hard parts of our lives are an invitation. To be the people we were born to be. 

I have come to believe deep in my heart that even what you despise, that which you would give anything to change, even in that space there is light, there is love, there are gifts, there is God, there is goodness. I believe this is true in your life too.

PS This blog is the continuation of a story I started on Caringbridge 12 years ago. Feel free to check it out.